Army Captain Invokes Manson Family Murders to Explain Homicides | Jeffrey MacDonald Case Analysis

This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Jeffrey MacDonald?
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Depression Symptoms and Treatment

Depression is a real disease with many different treatments. It can be treated, if you can identify the signs and symptoms early on. Here are some helpful tips to help you deal with depression. A clinical depression diagnosis requires a physician to perform a psychological assessment. Depression is a medical condition that can affect your quality of life, physical health, and close relationships. While there is no cure for depression, it can be treated to help you cope with the symptoms and get your life back on track.

There are many risk factors for depression, including genetic code, trauma, and significant life events. The short gene is passed on from one parent to the other, and this gene is linked to a proclivity towards depression. Besides genetics, a family history of depression or anxiety can also contribute to depression. Another risk factor is chronic exposure to high levels of stress. The prolonged exposure to stress impairs nerve cell growth in the hippocampus, a critical part of the brain that plays an important role in long-term memory.

A physical exam and lab tests can confirm a diagnosis of depression. Psychiatric evaluations include questions about symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Oftentimes, a questionnaire is also included. During a psychiatric evaluation, your health care professional will rule out other medical conditions that may be causing depression-like symptoms. Your physician will also discuss your medical history, as well as your social, cultural, and environmental factors.

While it’s normal to feel sad or hopeless from time to time, if your symptoms continue for more than two weeks, you could be suffering from depression. Treatment for depression will address the root cause of your depression. The best way to deal with this disorder is to find a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist. It’s important to recognize the symptoms early and get help early. The earlier you recognize a depression condition, the better your chances are of getting rid of it once and for all.

Despite the stigma surrounding depression, it’s important to seek treatment for depression early. It’s estimated that two-thirds of people with depression fail to seek treatment, and many wait months, if not years, to get help. Untreated depression can be damaging to a person’s life and may result in physical symptoms, thoughts of suicide, and attempts to commit suicide. Even if the depression episode resolves itself on its own, it can return. Depression treatment can take weeks or even months, and the symptoms can recur. If you’re experiencing depression symptoms, education can help you to get back on track. Education is also key in sticking with a treatment plan.

Support groups and social networks can help you get through your depression. Talking to a friend or loved one is a great way to boost your mood. It’s never too late to find a support group or find a therapist who specializes in your particular needs. A support group can connect you with others who have experienced similar depression or are struggling to find the right treatment. Many community mental health clinics even offer a sliding scale for those who can’t afford private therapy.

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