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Treatments For Depression


Treatments For Depression

Depression is a common, treatable mental disorder. Eighty to nine percent of depressed patients respond to treatment and nearly all find relief from symptoms. To diagnose depression, a health professional will perform a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, including a physical exam and interview. Blood tests may also be ordered to rule out medical causes, which could alleviate depressive symptoms. Besides a thorough physical examination, the health professional will also explore the patient’s medical history, cultural background, and environmental influences.

While depression is often treated through medication, treatment is more effective if it is addressed early. Therapy and exercise can be just as effective as medications, and both methods are free from unwanted side effects. Fortunately, treatment for depression can be done with as little as a few changes to your lifestyle. Listed below are some of the different treatments for depression:

Therapy: One way to get help for depression is to visit a psychologist or therapist. Individual and family psychotherapy are two common options for treating depression. Couples and family therapy are often a good choice for couples or families as it can address issues within close relationships. Group therapy brings people with similar illnesses together to learn how to deal with the same situation. While depression treatment may take several weeks or months, significant improvements can be seen within 10 to 15 sessions.

Depression is a mood disorder that affects one’s daily life. Some people experience symptoms of depression despite seemingly positive life events. Other causes include stress, menstrual cycles, and pregnancy. Those who are diagnosed with this disorder may also have a history of other disorders, including substance abuse or learning disabilities. Anxiety is another major factor in this disorder. Depression can make a person feel like life is moving too slowly. Therefore, seeking treatment for depression can help prevent more serious mental illnesses from developing.

Certain supplements can help improve the symptoms of depression. Omega-3 fatty acids and flaxseed oil contain these healthy fats. Despite their popularity, these natural supplements should never be taken with prescription antidepressants. They can interact with other medications, including antipsychotics. Consult with your health care provider before using any supplements. Certain natural supplements are known to increase feelings of well-being, although these are not proven to be safe for routine use.

If the symptoms of depression do not respond to conventional treatment, electroconvulsive therapy is an option. This procedure uses electrical currents to trigger seizures. This helps to restore normal brain chemicals, thus alleviating symptoms. If you or a loved one suffers from depression, seeking treatment for your condition is very important. Make sure to set realistic goals for yourself and prioritize them. Try to be social and confide in a trusted friend or family member.

Psychotherapy may help. Psychiatrists may use a combination of talk therapy and medication. This treatment teaches the patient skills to overcome depression and helps the patient learn insights to prevent it in the future. Most commonly, psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are used to treat depression. A combination of these two treatments is sometimes used to help the patient overcome their symptoms. There are no surefire ways to treat depression, but these treatments can be helpful for many patients.

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