Depression : Treatment & Symptoms || Dr. Kedar Ranjan Banerjee || Psychiatrist

? What is the treatment ? Tips from Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. , National Institute Of Behavioural Sciences, Kolkata.
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Dr. M. N. Chatterjee Memorial Pathology, Laboratory, and Polyclinic, Uttarpara
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The Care Nursing Home, Uttarpara
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Fitness Physiotherapy Centre, Park Circus, Kolkata
Address: P-26A Darga Road, Near Don Bosco School, Park Circus, Kolkata-700017
PHONE : 85849 33513 / 74392 81431
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Maa Sarada Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 160, G T Road, Near Dharsa Petrol Pump, Konnagar, Hooghly – 712235
PHONE : 033 2674 5678 / 70444 88297 / 70444 88293
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