Five Ways my ADHD makes Adulting Hard

My doctor explained that ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – can present in
several different ways, especially in girls and adults. Many girls and women have a subtype
of ADHD called inattentive ADHD, which often manifests as limited attention span, distractibility, forgetfulness, or procrastination. I was eventually diagnosed and as I learned more about the symptoms of inattentive ADHD, the struggles I experienced for most of life finally made so much sense.

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Research, story, script by: Amanda Portinari
Voice by: @amanda silvera
Animated by: Oliver Villarino

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Treatments For Depression


Treatments For Depression

Although depression can feel like a dark shadow, it is treatable. The best way to treat this condition is to seek help as soon as you notice any symptoms. Treatment options for depression include therapy, medication, and healthy lifestyle changes. These tips can help you get the treatment you need. And while treatment for depression is not a quick fix, you can take steps to improve your mood. Listed below are some of the most effective treatments for depression. These treatments may be suitable for your specific needs, and are available from your doctor.

While undergoing medical and psychological treatments for depression, you should try to engage in activities you enjoyed before. While you may not enjoy these activities anymore, you may find that you actually enjoy them more than you thought you would. Talking to friends and family can help you keep up the positive momentum. Remember that recovery from depression will take time, so stay motivated. Try to sleep at the same time each day and set aside time for problem solving during the day. Try to stick to your treatment plan and try to avoid consuming alcohol or drugs – both will worsen your condition.

Your primary care provider can diagnose depression, but they are not the first source of treatment. A psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychotherapist can help you get the right treatment. In addition to mental health professionals, your primary care provider can perform a clinical depression test. The PHQ-9 patient health questionnaire is a validated test for depression that your primary care provider can use to diagnose your condition. The test is short and easy to use and can help determine if you have depression.

Psychotherapy is the most effective treatment for depression. Psychotherapy teaches you skills to cope with the symptoms of depression and helps you gain insight to prevent future episodes. Psychotherapy combines various types of techniques to treat depression. They can help you identify and change unhelpful thinking patterns. Various other treatments may help you change negative behavior. Some psychotherapy techniques are behavioral or cognitive therapy. You can also opt for a combination of the two treatments to treat your condition.

There are several common screening tests for depression, including a patient health questionnaire known as the PHQ-9. This questionnaire helps physicians assess the severity of a person’s condition. It is also widely used in primary care settings, where most people are treated for depression. If you’re in doubt about the test, talk to your health care provider to see if it will help you. Sometimes, a physician will suggest that you undergo a clinical trial to see if the treatment is effective.

Although many factors can trigger depression, the symptoms may not always be the same in every individual. For instance, a child experiencing depression might be prone to getting into trouble at school, exhibiting signs of frustration or low self-esteem. In addition, the disorder may also be triggered by hormonal changes or a difficult menstrual cycle. Chronic pain and headaches can also trigger depression symptoms. Finally, taking medications for blood pressure and sleeping disorders may be a potential cause of depression in a child.

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