GUIDED HYPNOSIS for Healing Anxiety, Panic, PTSD & Stress

Enjoy this guided hypnosis for healing anxiety and relieving your panic, PTSD, and stress (more details below) Join the warrior community, view all anxiety programs here:

Feeling anxious? Here is a high quality guided that will relieve your anxiety symptoms and lessen your mental chatter. This is a 20 minute guided and is best to be listened to with headphones in an environment where you won’t be distracted.

Disclaimer: Please, do not listen to this recording while operating any kind of machinery.

The voice for anxiety sufferers, Dennis Simsek () leads others out of an anxiety riddled lifestyle and towards inner peace. Having gone through debilitating health anxiety, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, agoraphobia for years Dennis has found a way through the darkness and back into the light. and is now sharing his valuable tools and techniques with other anxiety warriors.

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