Lesbian Love Triangle Leads to Murder | Melinda Loveless & Shanda Sharer Analysis

This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Melinda Loveless and Shanda Sharer?
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Depression – How to Cope With Your Symptoms


Depression – How to Cope With Your Symptoms

If you suffer from depression, you’re probably wondering what to do to overcome it. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to help you cope with your symptoms. Many organizations offer support groups, education, and counseling for people dealing with mental illness. Other sources include employee assistance programs, religious groups, and local community resources. The key to beating depression is not to isolate yourself, but to take steps to improve your mental health. Try participating in activities you used to enjoy, and find people who share your interests. Setting small goals to accomplish every day can help you build motivation and overcome your depression.

When looking for treatment options for depression, it’s important to learn as much as possible about this mental health condition. Depression treatment options vary from person to person, so it’s important to seek out a mental health professional for a consultation. Often, an underlying medical condition will cause symptoms, and this must be treated before treatment can begin. Another important factor to consider when choosing a treatment plan is the severity of your depression. More serious depression may require more intensive care.

There are some screening tools available to help physicians determine if you’re experiencing symptoms of depression. One such tool is the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), a survey of nine items that helps physicians gauge severity of depression. The PHQ-9 is widely used in primary care settings, where most patients seeking treatment for depression are treated by a primary care doctor. James Murrough, MD, director of the Mount Sinai Depression Center, said that the PHQ-9 can be used in primary care to diagnose depression.

Another type of treatment involves taking antidepressants. These medications can be prescribed alone, or together with other treatments. The combination of two antidepressants may be more effective, or a doctor may prescribe mood stabilizers and antipsychotics. Short-term use of stimulants and anti-anxiety medications may also be prescribed. It may take several weeks for antidepressant treatments to work, so be patient. Antidepressants have side effects that will go away as your body adjusts.

Another way to combat depression is to join a support group. Peer support is important because it validates your experience and builds self-esteem. Also, peers are often in different stages of depression, which makes them an excellent resource for ideas and inspiration. You may even be inspired to get involved in more social activities and network with other people. It is also helpful to attend a support group that shares similar interests. It’s important to know when and how to seek support from others.

Changing your diet can also help. Studies show that some people with depression are able to overcome their symptoms by making small changes to their diets. Some people find that cutting certain foods from their diet has a positive impact on their moods. While this approach is not a proven treatment for depression, some people report seeing improvement after eliminating them from their diet. Keeping a diary of your symptoms may help you make the right decision for your condition.

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