SIGNS YOU HAVE BIPOLAR DISORDER! (Diagnosing Major Depression v. Bipolar)

The purpose of this video is to show that Bipolar evolves and develops over time rather than just BAM 100% fully manifesting one day. 💖⚡️ TRY ONLINE THERAPY 💖⚡️ (1-week is free! I recommend this company, they’re amazing!!)

If your Psychiatrist or Therapist is being super legalistic about the DSM criteria, find a new doctor! If you are self reflective you can be aware of all of this happening and treat it immediately and prevent all the mood phases from getting worse.

I’ve made a dozen other videos about ! HERE IS THE PLAYLIST to all those videos:

The actual start at 4:07 (if you want to skip the whole intro) 👍

New Video I made called SIGNS YOU ARE MANIC:



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