The Difference Between Anxiety And Fear | Anxiety Guy Podcast 346

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Show notes:

– Anxiety can still survive even if the conscious mind doesn’t believe in what the subconscious mind believes.

– Anxiety is fear represented at a subconscious level.

– Anxiety is a chronic state, and is accompanied by a high level of emotional investment in irrational fears which have its roots within the interpretations made between conception and the age of 5.

In essence, there is no . Fear is the main component of an anxiety filled life and as we understand more deeply that logic alone cannot convince the inner child to change its interpretations, we will be open to new deeper ways of communicating with our own inner child’s.


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Depression Education and Treatment

If you are suffering from depression, education is key to overcoming it. By learning about the symptoms and the causes of depression, you can become empowered and motivated to stick with a treatment plan. Additionally, educating your family and friends can help them recognize and act on warning signs. Doing things that make you feel better and doing nice things for others can help your depression, too. You can improve your mood slowly, and with time, but you should not try to use drugs or alcohol to treat it.

Although no single cause of depression has been identified, many factors are known to be associated with it. Stress, major life events, and changes in routine can trigger depression. Women are more likely to experience ruminating, which can manifest itself as negative self-talk and sudden crying spells. Additionally, changes in hormonal balance, such as a menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and hormonal changes, may also be associated with depression. Men with depression may display symptoms such as irritability, anger, escapist behaviors, and apathy.

In order to diagnose depression, a physician must determine the cause and severity of the symptoms. In some cases, laboratory tests and a physical examination may help determine whether a patient has depression. Other tests, such as a blood test and an EEG, can also reveal underlying causes of the symptoms. Sometimes, alcohol and drug use can also be contributing factors, and a doctor should rule out these causes before prescribing medication. Fortunately, there are many other treatments available, including therapy and lifestyle changes.

Treatment for depression depends on the type of depressive disorder. Mild depression can be treated by waiting it out and exercising. It is common for doctors to prescribe exercise to people suffering from mild depression, and a group exercise class can be helpful. Although the best treatment for mild depression is still to consult a mental health professional, the first step toward recovery is getting an accurate diagnosis. This can be difficult for people who suffer from depression due to a lack of knowledge about the condition.

If a person is suffering from severe depression, their doctor may prescribe a combination of two or more antidepressants. A reasonable alternative is mirtazapine, also known as Remeron. Mirtazapine has shown promise in treating severe depression, but should be used only with caution. The side effects of tricyclic antidepressants can be severe and potentially deadly. If these medications do not help, the doctor may prescribe an alternative such as an antipsychotic drug.

While psychotherapy is the primary treatment for major depression, other forms of therapy can be used to manage the condition. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches patients to identify and change negative thinking patterns. Interpersonal therapy, on the other hand, is focused on relationships with other people. While talking therapy can help you overcome your depression, it cannot cure it. However, it can help you to develop skills to prevent it from recurring. Taking care of yourself and maintaining positive relationships can also help.

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