Understanding Depression in Yourself & Others

Pastor Bill sits down with Counselor Karen Fischer from @WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions to discuss .

is not an emotion; it’s a state of being. The emotions it’s associated with are usually sadness or anger.

The two main criteria for a diagnosis of a depressive disorder are:
– Lack of pleasure in life every day for more than two weeks, and
– A feeling that things can’t improve.

How can we help ourselves when we’re in a depressive state? Most likely, it’s something you’re going to need help to do. One of the main ways a counselor will teach you to counter depression is self-activation – forcing yourself to do the opposite of the isolating behaviors you feel like doing.

Helping those close to you who struggle with depression is difficult, because it’s hard to relate if you don’t struggle with depression. Here are a few pointers for supporting others in a depressive state:
– Ask your loved one to explain what it’s like for you to struggle with depression so you understand what they’re feeling.
– Offer support, either specific things that might be helpful or what they request to help.
– If you see this loved one has gotten to a point of hopelessness and potentially harming themselves or others, seek help immediately for the person with a professional.

Resilience is a key aspect of dealing with depression. Looking to the past for situations where a person has gotten through a difficult time can help the person recognize how he or she can become whole again and work through challenging times.

This video is the final of a series of five interviews with Karen to provide additional support and information as a part of Victory’s sermon series called ”Emotions: Dealing with Feelings”. You can access messages from this series here:

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