“Up/Down” Bipolar Disorder Documentary FULL MOVIE (2011)

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There are approximately 5.7 million people in the United States with . In an attempt to eliminate the mystery and misinformation surrounding the illness, many throughout the country diagnosed with this condition were interviewed extensively. Shot in a style influenced by the support group format, they diligently explain the struggle to balance themselves between floating to a state of euphoria and sinking to a devastating depression.

In short, ”” is a personal analysis of from those living with it; words of advice and wisdom to help others navigate their diagnosis.

Looking for something with a more scientific or clinical angle? Try a textbook.

”Bipolar disorder is just one of many mental illnesses that is still highly stigmatized in our culture today, and ’Up/Down’ could certainly be instrumental in changing that fact.”
-Microfilmmaker Magazine, Issue 65

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Star Award, 2011 Indie Gathering
Merit Award, 2011 Accolade Competition
Art Exhibition Award, 2011 Love Unlimited Film Festival
Nominated for Best Feature Documentary, 2011 Los Angeles Reel Film Festival

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