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Hello again everyone! Yesterday, we did a voice reveal with @amanda silvera. Thank you so much for the overwhelming responses. It was so heartwarming reading through many of the comments.
A while back, you guys requested us to do an affirmation video, and we listened. That said, we decided to do an affirmation video off the “ONE THING YOU REALLY WANT TO HEAR” question in our community tab. We hope that saying the one thing you really want to hear will help you feel heard.

Video mentioned, “What Is One Thing You Would Really Like To Hear The Most Right Now?”

Featuring: @amanda silvera, voice actress of .
Voice Reveal Video:

Shorts channel with part 2 can be found here:

We will be uploading some of the shorter form content of ours there including requests.

Depression – What Are the Treatments For Depression?


Depression – What Are the Treatments For Depression?

A doctor may diagnose depression based on your symptoms and family history. Your doctor will also perform a medical exam and may order lab tests to rule out other medical conditions that may contribute to depression. He may also recommend medication or suggest self-help resources. Ultimately, a doctor’s diagnosis will determine the best course of treatment for your condition. Depression is one of the most treatable mental illnesses, and treatment options vary greatly. Most patients respond to treatment and can find relief from the symptoms of depression.

Treatments for depression may include medication or psychological therapy. Psychotherapy involves individual, family, or group sessions. Individual sessions address specific issues in the person’s life and may include exercise and meditation. Group sessions are beneficial for those with similar symptoms. Other types of psychotherapy include group therapy, which brings people who share similar illnesses together to help one another deal with difficult situations. These sessions may take weeks, but it’s common for patients to see a significant improvement after as few as 10 to 15 sessions.

Antidepressants are a common treatment for depression, but some people experience side effects from them. TCAs, such as desipramine, have been associated with heart rhythm problems in children. Other types of medications, like MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors), may be better for treating depression. However, the downside of MAOIs is that they often come with more risks than SSRIs. They may affect serotonin levels and raise blood pressure.

Fortunately, major depression treatment can address a range of symptoms. These include sleep and eating patterns, as well as thoughts and feelings about yourself. Depression is not a personal weakness. And although some people do suffer from depression, it can’t be wished away or pulled together. That’s why treatment is so important. Even if you’re not experiencing a depressive episode, you can still treat yourself by seeking professional treatment. This can be the key to treating your condition.

A primary care doctor may also prescribe medication for your depression. While most major depression treatment is done in an outpatient or office setting, many people find it easier to manage their symptoms on their own. They can also be more flexible and affordable than inpatient programs. Depending on the severity of your depression, you may be able to stay in the comfort of your own home or in the comfort of family and friends. When you begin treating your depression, be sure to stay away from alcohol or other drugs, as they can make the condition worse.

There are several forms of psychotherapy that can help you treat your depression. Cognitive-behavioral therapy aims to identify the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to depression. While couples and family therapy focus on working out issues that affect your mood, problem-solving therapy focuses on finding effective solutions. It may focus on a job, for example, or a relationship. If you don’t respond to these forms of therapy, it’s important to see a mental health professional to seek help.

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