What People Think Of Your MBTI Personality Type

Have you ever wondered how other people perceive you and their first impression of you? Here is What People Think Of You Based on Your

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Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only and does not mean that these are objective proof of how others see you. The psychological research used is not intended to say with certainty that because somebody exhibits these signs means they are viewed as same. The information in this video is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Writer: Syazwana Amirah
Script Editor: Rida Batool
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
VO: Amanda Silvera (www.youtube.com/amandasilvera)
Animator: Evelvaii
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

Storm, S. (2022, January 24). How other people see you, based on type. Psychology Junkie. Retrieved from www.psychologyjunkie.com/2018/10/16/how-others-see-you-based-on-your--type/

Depression – What You Need to Know

Many people don’t realize that they have a medical condition called depression. However, depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. Approximately 80% to 90% of people with depression respond to treatment and find relief from its symptoms. In order to determine whether you are suffering from depression, you need to see a health professional. They will conduct a physical exam and interview you to determine the specific symptoms of depression. A blood test may be required to rule out medical causes of depression, as these conditions can be treated by reversing them. Other medical evaluations will take into account environmental and cultural factors.

Psychotherapy is often a combination of treatments. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) teaches patients to change their thoughts and behavior patterns and introduces mindfulness principles. In addition to CBT, psychotherapy may also focus on other issues, such as relationships, that affect mood. People may need several sessions with different therapists before they find one they feel comfortable with. Treatment may take several months or years to get the best results. After undergoing the therapy, patients and their therapist will decide when to stop the therapy.

Psychotherapy and medication can help treat depression. Psychotherapy treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy have been shown to be effective in treating depression. Combined therapy and medication have been shown to have higher rates of improvement among those with severe, chronic, and complex depression. Using both together will provide you with the best results. And since these treatments can have unwanted side effects, they are not ideal for every patient. Those who find them effective may want to discuss these options with their healthcare provider.

In addition to talking to a mental health professional, primary care providers can diagnose depression and refer patients to a psychiatrist if necessary. A mental health professional can examine the patient’s symptoms and conduct tests to rule out other medical conditions that can be causing the depression symptoms. Your healthcare provider may also order blood tests and order lab tests. Ultimately, a doctor can decide whether or not depression is a medical condition. A combination of lifestyle changes and medication can lead to better mental health and recovery.

Social support is also very important in treating depression. Seeking support from trusted family members or friends is important. Don’t be ashamed to talk to people you trust. Depression support groups are a great place to meet people who share the same experiences and concerns. It doesn’t have to be painful, and having someone face-to-face to talk to is hugely beneficial. Most treatments for depression take a while to work. It may seem slow at first, but the end result is usually worth the effort.

Other conditions that mimic depression can cause the symptoms of depression. Certain medications may cause depression. A common drug that induces depression is hypothyroidism. Older adults and those on more medications may also be at risk for these interactions. Even if the symptoms are minor, they can have a detrimental effect on their quality of life. You should not wait until you are depressed to seek help for it. You can treat the symptoms of depression today!

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