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Depression – Symptoms, Treatment, and Medication


Depression – Symptoms, Treatment, and Medication

There are many different forms of therapy for depression. There are supportive counseling methods, which involve listening to the sufferer’s concerns and showing empathy. Other methods are behavioral activation, which teaches the sufferer to set goals, include enjoyable activities into his/her life, and increase interactions with the environment. These therapies are not meant to replace conventional medical care. They can be helpful to a certain degree, but should never be used as a substitute for it.

A physical examination and lab tests can reveal a person’s level of depression. A psychiatric evaluation will ask about depressive symptoms, thoughts, and behavior patterns. A questionnaire may also be administered. The American Psychiatric Association has developed a list of specific symptoms and diagnostic criteria for depression. Symptoms may be mild or severe, but a physician can also order a full diagnosis by looking at the patient’s history and current medical condition.

Symptoms of depression may appear during a variety of different life events. Sometimes a family history of depression may be a contributing factor. If the person suffers from depression for more than two weeks, treatment options include counseling, medication, and psychotherapy. If treatment is unsuccessful, the illness can grow into a major depression, which can interfere with a person’s life. However, if proper treatment is sought, the symptoms of depression may resolve themselves over time.

Psychotherapy can help a person overcome depression. Cognitive-behavioral therapy involves identifying underlying thoughts that contribute to the symptoms of depression. Couples and family therapy may be recommended, especially if the depressive person has a significant other at home. Family therapy will help the family members learn more about their role in the patient’s life. Medication for depression can help decrease symptoms, but most effective when used in combination with therapy. The aim of psychotherapy is to improve a person’s quality of life.

Treatment for depression may include electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), which changes neurotransmitters in the brain. ECT is usually used for people who do not respond to antidepressants. TMS, on the other hand, uses magnetic stimulation to stimulate the brain cells involved in mood regulation. While this form of treatment can have long-term effects, it is highly unlikely to cure depression completely. In addition to counseling and lifestyle changes, it’s important to avoid extreme stress and set reasonable goals.

Psychotherapy is also an effective treatment for depression. The benefits of psychotherapy are long-lasting, even when the sufferer stops taking the medicine. The downside of antidepressants is that their effects wear off quickly. You’re more likely to relapse if you stop taking them. So, you can combine the two methods for better results. You can start with one type of therapy, which focuses on improving your relationship with others and changing distorted ideas of self.

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